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Four students walk on campus.

Healthy Campus

Healthy Campus: Cornerstone. Community. Culture.

Healthy Campusis a national initiative led by members of the American College Health Association. Aligning with this framework provides guidance for Illinois State University so that initiatives will be structured to better attain goals around becoming a Health Promoting University.

Strategies suggested in ACHA Healthy Campus Framework, the Okanagan Charter, and within the Collective Impact Framework would suggest viewing colleges and universities as one community where the well-being of the entire campus (students, staff, faculty) becomes the priority and initiatives are designed with this in mind. And so we see a shift where the lens of "well-being" is embraced, and where the built environment receives more value and is viewed as a place where well-being is nourished.

Well-being is about who we are as an institution, and programs and services are created around the whole individual, and extend beyond traditional interventions of education, diagnosis, treatment, and health care only at clinical levels. Through collaborative efforts of student affairs, academic, and administrative colleagues, institutions of higher education can foster healthier environments for those who live, learn, and work there.


Earlier guidance through the Healthy Campus Initiative identified objectives for students, staff, and faculty, and these goals provide targets that campuses can work towards when supporting their communities efforts to improve health and well-being. Below is a snapshot of how Illinois State University collaborates across campus to build initiatives that support well-being.

Current Initiatives at Illinois State University

  • Goal: increase the amount of physical activity for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Goal: increase the amount of sleep reported by students, faculty, and staff.
  • Goal: decrease the amount of stress reported by students, faculty, and staff.

It's All About Relationships

Well-being is nourished when the entire community takes responsibility for the vitality of its students, staff, and faculty. Health Promotion and Wellness collaborates with many departments and organizations across campus and in Bloomington/Normal to advance well-being. These partners include, but are not limited to: