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Cessation Resources Available

If you can picture yourself tobacco free, there are numerous campus and local resources to support your efforts.

Quit Kits

Quit Kits and additional resources on quitting are available by visiting the Health Promotion and Wellness office in 187 McCormick Hall and at the G Spot, our mobile wellness gazebo.

Student Health Services Pharmacy

Over-the-counter cessation products are available to students, faculty, and staff for purchase at the Student Health Services Pharmacy located in the Student Services Building.

Counseling Available

Students may also call Student Counseling Services at (309) 438-3655 to speak with a counselor about quitting. Faculty and staff counseling resources are available through the Employee Assistance Program at (866) 659-3848.

Medical Provider Assistance

Students may make an appointment with a medical provider to talk about quitting. Please contact Student Health Services at (309) 438-APPT. Faculty and staff are encouraged to talk with their health care providers as well.

Faculty and staff of Illinois State should also check with their group insurance carriers to inquire about tobacco cessation programs offered at a lower cost. Health Alliance, CIGNA, and State of Illinois all provide assistance for those who wish to quit.

Illinois Tobacco Quitline

The Illinois Tobacco Quitline at 1-866-QUIT-YES provides cessation counseling over the phone. Residents of McLean County who access the Illinois Tobacco Quitline may be eligible to receive 4 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy FREE of charge through the McLean County Health Department in cooperation with this service. For more information, visit Illinois Tobacco Quitline website.