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Keep the following information in mind

Curious about your use of cannabis?

Students, faculty, or staff are recommended to start their exploration by taking the  CUDIT (Cannabis); individuals will receive a risk level, protective strategies, and recommendations, which may include some of the following resources.

  •   Echeckup To Go Cannabis. An individual enters brief information about their use and receives a personalized feedback report.
  •   Marijuana 101  (Click on Take an Online Course, Select Enroll in a Course, Enter control number ILSTTHC). This is a more thorough personalized feedback experience which takes 1-2 hours.

Cannabis Policy Resource Center

T-break Guide

Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Recommendations

Resource for Parents,Guardians,and Advocates

If you are interested in scheduling ICHAMP, please contact Jamie Laurson at or call (309) 438-2564.

Recovery For Redbirds

If you are a student who chooses to be substance free or is in recovery from alcohol, cannabis/marijuana or other drugs, you may be interested in Recovery for Redbirds, a program supporting ISU students. For more information please contact Jamie Laurson at, or call (309) 438-2564.