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Transitioning to College

College is a time of transition, for both students and parents! We've created a resource to help you better understand the changes your student is experiencing as well as to learn more about alcohol's complicated relationship with college students. This booklet also includes conversation tips on how to talk with students about hard topics, such as alcohol, drug use, and other important information to help keep themselves and others safe.

Transitions: A Family's Guide to College Success.

Campus Well E-magazine Parent Edition

All students at Illinois State University receive access to an online health and wellness information portal called Student Health 101. This portal is a great resource for Illinois State University-related information, program, and services as well as general health topics. Information is written for students by students and is reviewed by a medical review board prior to publishing. A special version for important people in students' lives is available, called the Student Advocate portal. This version has the same information as the student portal, but with additional information on how to support students for important people in their lives such as parents and guardians. 

Access the Campus Well advocate portal.

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