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Class Descriptions

Wellness classes and activities have a rich history at Illinois State University and Faculty Staff Wellness Program was started in 1984. True to our mission, we continue to offer high-quality programs led by experienced instructors.

Classes Information

  • Badminton

The Wellness Badminton group has been playing at Illinois State since 1967. Most players are seasoned and have medalled in Senior Olympic Games. The Badminton group welcomes players of all levels to join and will be providing Badminton Clinics on the first Wednesday of each month. Contact Donna Shippy for inquiries about Badminton Clinics and joining the group.

Coordinators: Drs. Mathew Nadakavukaren and Bob Preston, and Donna Shippy.

  • Balanced Bellies and Backs - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15 pm

Instructor:  Michelle Klunke

  • Yoga - Mondays and Wednesdays at Noon

Experience the traditional practice of hatha yoga.

Instructors:  Dianne Renn-Gardner and Kinsey Hutchinson

  • T'ai Chi - Evidence-Based Training (offered during fall and spring semesters)

The evidence-based format follows practice developed by Yang Yang who started T' ai Chi at Illinois State in 1993. Designed to improve strength, neuromuscular force control, and balance. This series of classes will focus on the seven forms of Chen Style T'ai Chi and qigong training.

Instructor: Lilly Meiner, Certified Instructor

  • Table Tennis

Coordinator:  Marty Greenberg