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Alcohol Wise

At Illinois State University, you and others are making a significant investment in your education and your future as a professional. We strive to create a caring community that respects one another and are pleased you chose to be a Redbird.

Whether you choose to drink or not, there is valuable information in Alcohol Wise. The misuse of alcohol has been proven to negatively affect academic success and the well-being of students. You will have the opportunity to examine your own drinking habits, learn what moderate drinking looks like, how to avoid binge drinking, and be able to recognize others who are in distress or are disruptive.  The course also includes pertinent information about how to be an active bystander and about the students role in being a responsible member of the Illinois State University community.

Completing the Course

Alcohol Wise will be available in January 2017. Entering students need to check their campus email account found at for the instructions to complete the Alcohol Wise course.

Alcohol Wise must be completed by January 31.


If you have not received a password by January 20, 2017 please contact 3rd Millennium Classrooms at (888) 810-7990 or email

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