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Sexual Health

Do you have questions regarding sexual health you'd like to discuss?

Health Promotion and Wellness provides an open-minded and positive approach intended to support and help with your feelings and decisions about your sexuality. A certified health education specialist is available to assist you with a variety of issues, including:

  • HIV/AIDS and STDs/STI's (sexually transmitted infections)
  • contraception, including emergency contraception and condom use
  • ways to make sex safer, more meaningful, and better
  • building intimacy in a relationship
  • becoming comfortable with your sexuality
  • how to talk to your partner about sex
  • ways to be intimate without having sex
  • other sexual health issues that may be relevant

Workshops for groups or appointments for individuals and/or partners are available. All appointments are free and confidential.

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For more information, call (309) 438-WELL (9355) or email Jim Almeda at

Resources for Sexual Health and Talking with your Partner