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Making a Difference - Introducing the Bystander

A bystander is an individual who is present when an event takes place but is not directly involved, this could be you. The majority of violent crimes are committed by an acquaintance or someone the victim knows well. Given these circumstances, it’s important to recognize the role bystanders can have in helping and how your actions can have a huge impact and in some situations, you may have the opportunity to interrupt a harmful situation from happening. Please consider reviewing this bystander resource from the Hollaback Program.

Redbird Respect Video Series

Health Promotion and Wellness partnered with a variety of students, staff, faculty and administrators to create the Redbird Respect video series. This project was funded by an Avon Foundation grant Awarded to Health Promotion and Wellness. Thank you to all who volunteered their time to make these videos possible. And a special thank you to our student Videographer, Stephanie Burns.

Redbird Respect

Redbird Respect: Stepping Up to Create a Community That Cares

Redbird Respect: Be a Sexual Assault Ally

Redbird Respect: Talk About Consent

Redbird Respect: What is Relationship Violence?

Redbird Respect: What is Stalking?