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Redbird Respect

Redbird Respect seeks to create a caring community at Illinois State University built on respect for yourself, respect for others, and respect of boundaries.

Redbird Respect Bystander Intervention Training

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to help someone, but you didn't? You could have experienced the Bystander Effect, a phenomenon that describes how people are less likely to help someone in need when others are present.

Bystander intervention training is an interactive, skill-building workshop that empowers participants to help in a variety of situations. The training teaches strategies and techniques to safely intervene either directly or indirectly in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Participants also develop the skills and confidence necessary to safely help others. This workshop can be tailor to organization-specific situations and can be facilitated for student groups as well as employees. Request a workshop

Redbird Respect Video Series

In spring 2015, Health Promotion and Wellness partnered with a variety of students and employees to create the Redbird Respect video series. This project was funded by a grant from the Avon Foundation. Thank you to all of our students and employees who volunteered their time to make these videos possible. And a special thank you to our student videographer Stephanie Burns.

Redbird Respect


Redbird Respect: Stepping up to create a community that cares


Redbird Respect: What is relationship violence?


Redbird Respect: Talk about consent


Redbird Respect: Be a sexual assault ally


Redbird Respect: What is stalking?


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